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I started as a customary healer, traditional African Helper and Medium with extraordinary psychic Powers that have prevailed for years and years through out my generation first appeared in our family tree through my great great grandfather who was a leading psychic and a an astute traditional healer who worked with people from different walks of life from rulers to common folk he never discriminated against any of them based on their financial status.

My petition is for my gift to arrive at the individuals who will get recuperating from it-my soul would then be quiet realizing I filled my need.

My wonderful gift is a generational gift in my blood line, and in my time, I was the anointed one to proceed with the work. Due to this explanation I am modest and extremely genuine in my readings since I work with those before me.

I offer the uncommon expertise of spiritual healer which is a profound plunge into the soul elevating physical and mental issues from the root. This is likewise a strategy I use to divine with an individual’s precursors straightforwardly to accomplish the most ideal recuperating for every individual.

There is still such a long way to go as my gift is way bigger than me!

African Psychic Mediums Contacts Dr Mama Okowa the Best Witchdoctor
African Psychic Mediums Contacts Dr Mama Okowa the Best Witchdoctor

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