How To Know Whether a Spell Will Work

All Spells are cast by the spellcaster with an open and generous mind and heart but in some cases spells might not work here are two of the scenarios:

  1. Are You Reasonable & Realistic

Some people tend to think that spell casters are not human and Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! We are human even the best of the best still are thus it is very important to have a realistic goal when you visit a spell caster. I will not tell you what is realistic or not but if you think about it you can have an idea of that, another thing to have in mind that I for instance only cast white spells this types of spells are not meant to do any harm to any our they are rather meant to improve your daily live therefore if you approach me with any other intention your spells will fail to work because like to only lift people up and not put them down in any shape or form. It is also important to not that in a horse race you bet on the jockey and not the Horse this is to also say that you may have everything down but the jockey in this case its the spellcaster if you visit a rookie expect rookie mistakes and so on.

    2. Timing

Everything is about timing, yes every  single thing in this world is all about timing, you might have everything else going for you but the timing of your spell.

How To Know Whether a Spell Will Work dr mama Okowa
How To Know Whether a Spell Will Work dr mama Okowa

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