How To Protect Yourself Against Witches & Enemies

Hazardous Things Which You Must Never Consider Doing While Your Enemies (People Who Don’t Like You) Are Watching. These Things Are Very Sensitive And If Not Careful You May Get Bewitched, Become Mad/Insane, Loose Your Life, Loose All Your Luck And Success, Or Get Diseases That Even Professional Doctors In Hospitals Might Never See.

  1. Cutting Your Finger Nails, And Leaving Them Exposed For Anyone To Pick And Use As They Please.
  2. Cutting Your Hair Anywhere You Please And Leaving It To End Up In Wrong Hands. (Reason It Is Safe In Saloon Is Because It Can Easily Be Mixed Up With Other People’s Hair).
  3. Don’t Just Throw Away, Or Give Out Your Old Clothes To Friends Or Even Family Members Who Are Not Very Close To You. You Know Even Family Members Can Sometimes Turn Into Enemies, And You Never Know What They Could Use Your Clothes For. You Are Not Safe Even If Someone Cuts Just A Little Piece From Your Old Cloth.
  4. Do Not Share, Or Carelessly Throw Away Your Old Underwear, Panties, Bra, Pajamas, Boxers And Others. Since, in such a case that These End Up In Wrong Hands Of Your Enemy, Things Could Get Bad For You.
  5. Do Not, And Never Walk Barefoot In Soil Where An Enemy Can Easily See And Make Use Of Your Footprints. Do You Know Why Sometimes Use Pictures Of Palms Or Footprints To Fortune Tell? So Be Careful And Cautious About Your Life.

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How To Protect Yourself Against Witches & Enemies
How To Protect Yourself Against Witches & Enemies

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