Mganga meaning and Mganga in English

Many people in Kenya and Africa don’t really know the meaning of Mganga and are confused without knowing what the word Mganga Means.  Mganga is a Swahili word that can be translated to English as a witchdoctor, in the early days of African societies which doctors wilded some leadership control in the society, they help societies pray and make the right sacrifices so that the land will be blessed with ample rain and harvest.

Different Societies have different names for witchdoctors in East Africa the Swahili Speaking nations refer witchdoctors to as Mganga or Waganga while in South Africa Witchdoctors are referred to as Sangomas which has the same meaning.

Mganga meaning and Mganga in English
Mganga meaning and Mganga in English

A mganga, sangoma or a witchdoctors purpose is to help people with their spiritual issues that they may be facing in their lives so as to overcome them from vanquishing spells cast by witches to helping in the exorcism of evil spirits witchdoctors have a very important role to play in the society.

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