Mganga wa Kitui Dr Mama Okowa

Almost all Waganga and Mganga from Kitui are respected for their outstanding jobs in the field of African Traditional Spiritual Culture, Although I personally am  not from Kitui I have nothing but admiration for all waganga and mganga from Kitui from how they administer Kamuti for Love to their ability to catch thieves with powerful protection spells.

Because I have practiced for many years and has been exposed to many cultures across Africa I think I have an edge over the best Mganga in Kitui and this is coming from a place of respect and appreciation of the Traditional Healing culture that has existed for centuries and centuries. The Best Mganga in Kitui is good but I can blow my whistle a little bit and add that not as good and experienced as me.


  1. Protection Spells

I deals with protection spells not only for your family also for your business and protection against spiritual interference, Spiritual interference occurs when an evil actor Hijacks your spirit or hacks into your spirit spiritually and manages to make you start having negative thoughts about your life, Spiritual Interference causes you to become a very pessimistic person and because people hate pessimistic people you start losing friends and wonder what happened to you look inwards and you will see the person you have become a person who is not fan to be around an depressing person who only sees the negative side of life.

       2. Business Spells

To be successful in business you must understand a few things that you may have the best product the best location, the best customer service and still fail as a business person there is more to business than meets the eye this is what some of the elite business men and women have come to realize that apart from the physical aspect of business there is a spiritual side to business which is as important. A good spiritual business aspect and am talking about African Traditional Spiritual business aspect combined with a good business plan/model will yield the business owner the highest level of success beyond their imagination. It is also important to say that business spells cannot fix you bad business model but they are meant to help you accelerate in the right direction and figuring out a good business model is your responsibility.

         3. Marriage Spells

It is unfortunate that todays society think that marriage is dead but this is as a result of their inability to find love themselves or falling in love with the wrong people also this despair and lost hope on marriage is also as a result of western culture that is eroding our African culture IN front of our own eyes at this rate nothing will be left of the morals we were taught by our grandparents growing up. The Hollywood culture has convinced our youth that they should change their partners like they change clothes this leaves them even more broken and in a worst state of mind feelin hollow and unable to believe that there is any love in this world. But as all the happily married people will tell you is love is not perfect and in that lies its true beauty.



Mganga wa Kitui Dr Mama Okowa
Mganga wa Kitui Dr Mama Okowa

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